Jamie Dornan's Unsexy Hobby Would Make Christian Grey Laugh

After a long day at the office, I think we all know what Christian Grey does to relax and unwind in Fifty Shades of Grey. But the actor who plays him doesn't seek pleasure in a red room -- instead, Jamie Dornan needlepoints to take the edge off and isn't ashamed of his awesome hobby.


We all have ways of relieving stress after work, and the 33-year-old Irish actor is no different, though you might assume he goes straight from a movie set to the gym or a pub. Nope -- a source revealed to Star magazine that Jamie is "as obsessed" with cross-stitching as his famous character is with the BDSM lifestyle. If true, he should have about a hundred tapestries in his home.

Making this rumor even more amazing: Jamie reportedly doesn't care who knows about his hobby and has no qualms about creating a needlepoint canvas on a plane filled with people. Good for him. There's nothing shameful about loving needlepoint -- and Jamie could certainly use wind-down time in between filming scenes as serial killer Paul Spector in The Fall and as Christian Grey -- a role he'll reprise in just a few weeks when Fifty Shades Darker begins filming in Vancouver.

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Needlepoint may not be the sexiest hobby a person can have, but going about your life and pursuing your hobbies with confidence is sexy. For this reason, the thought of catching Jamie on a plane in mid knit is hot. And how amazing must it be for wife Amelia Warner to be presented with a homemade scarf, courtesy of Christian Grey? There's no end to the things Jamie does that make us swoon.


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