20 Awesome Actors Who've Earned Major Award Noms But Never Won (PHOTOS)

Laura Anastasia | Jan 14, 2016 Movies

What's that saying? Always an award nominee, never an award winner? Okay, that might not be exactly the way most people remember that saying, but it sure rings true for Johhny Depp and 19 other super talented actors. Sure they've won a People's Choice Award or two, but they have yet to score any of the three major awards. The stars behind some of our favorite characters have gone win-less at major acting award ceremonies time and time again, despite receiving multiple nominations. 

Which actors are still waiting for their Emmy, Golden Globe, or Oscar? Grab your popcorn and find out. (Bonus: no awkward opening monologue to sit through!) 


Image via Splash News/Splash News/Corbis