'Fifty Shades Darker' Has a Really Weird Working Title During Filming

As Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan prepare to travel to Vancouver to start filming the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel, those working behind the camera are also setting the wheels in motion, though not always in ways that make sense to us. Fifty Shades Darker now has a working title, but you'll never, ever (in a million years) be able to guess what it is.


The sexy sequel is set to begin filming on February 9 in Canada so that it can meet its anticipated theater release date of February 10, 2017. According to Melty, a working title for the project has been registered in the Director's Guild of Canada and here is it: Further Adventures of Max & Banks 2 & 3. Seriously? Yes, seriously.

It should be noted that this, in no way, implies that any "Max & Banks" weirdness will appear in the final title. It would be odd to call the movie anything but Fifty Shades Darker, but why wouldn't they register it with this name in the first place? Are they intent on providing as little info about the project as possible?

In addition to finding out that the sequel is not expected to be delayed, as was originally reported, it was also revealed that Fifty Shades Darker has a budget of a little over $20 million, which is interesting because Fifty Shades of Grey's budget was $40 million (and the first film earned $570 million, so it's not as if anyone has a thing to worry about in terms of making their money back).

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I wonder why the budget has been cut in half? How will this affect the quality of the second film? Will it prevent casting directors from filling the roles of Leila Williams, Jack Hyde, and Mrs. Robinson with high-profile actors like Charlize Theron, who command bigger paychecks? I'm guessing we should kiss off any thought of Dornan posing in the buff, since he was originally offered an additional $1.5 million on top of his salary to go full-frontal, and it seems like that would unnecessarily eat away at their budget.

Unfortunately, this is all the news we're going to get about Fifty Shades Darker right now, but at least it's something. The film is definitely happening, it's happening on time, and EL James and director James Foley will just have to find creative ways to make it happen on less money. Here are two ideas: Cut out the helicopter and give fans more of the raunchy sex they crave. It can't cost much to repeatedly film inside of bedroom, can it?


Image via fiftyshadesmovie/Instagram

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