Christian Grey Was a Piece of Cake for Jamie Dornan Compared to This Role (VIDEO)

To an outsider, it may seem difficult to get inside the mind and heart of a man who wants to hurt (but also love) girls with brown hair who look like his mom, but Jamie Dornan revealed Christian Grey is not the most challenging role of his life.


The 33-year-old Irish actor appeared in BAFTA's 60-Second Challenge video, where he was asked to pull questions out of a fishbowl and answer as many as possible in one minute. After revealing things like how he suffers from asthma ("What a cool fact") and that he wished he could have starred in Into the Wild, Dornan was faced with a question about which one of his characters has been the most challenging to play.

"Paul Spector in The Fall, because he's so heinous, and I don't have anything going on in my life that I could compare to what he does in his," Dornan admitted, referring to the role of a serial killer in the BBC show.

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Is there anything cuter than Dornan claiming he's terrible at auditioning and can't provide tips? Or the way he can't even read certain questions aloud because he has no idea how to answer them? He truly seems like an ordinary, down-to-earth guy who just so happens to have found incredible fame playing one character — a character he doesn't even consider all that challenging, as we learned from this clip.

Could this mean that Jamie sees some part of him in Christian? And, if so, can he please elaborate on that point ASAP? Because all kinds of inappropriate thoughts are running through my mind right now.


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