Dakota Johnson Is Fed Up With How Her Mom Is Treated in Hollywood

If you walk two feet in Los Angeles, you're bound to find an actress with an ax to grind, but you wouldn't expect one of them to be the star of Fifty Shades of Grey. Dakota Johnson blames Hollywood ageism for her mom's inability to snag movie roles.


Dakota's mom Melanie Griffith was once highly sought after for big-screen projects, but at the age of 58, she has been reduced to way lower-profile gigs. The 26-year-old is having none of it, telling Vogue that her mom is an "extraordinary" actress and that the industry is "brutal."

If you need any proof that what Dakota is saying is on point, please cue up the '80s flick Working Girl, and revel in all that is Melanie and the fashion of the era.

Dakota even goes so far as to say that Hollywood is so fickle, she becomes unsure if she'll ever work again when she takes a bit of downtime. Yikes!

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While we think it's going to be a good, long time before she sees her career slow down (hell-oo -- you still have two more Fifty movies to film, girl), we love that Dakota is sticking up for her mom. Her career may be white-hot right now, but if the actresses of today don't start championing their older counterparts, it's only a matter of time before the next shiny new thing comes along and starts swiping their roles.

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