6 Reasons Why Owning 'Fifty Shades' Is Way Better Than Illegally Downloading It (GIFS)

The first incredibly successful film in E.L. James's Grey trilogy nabbed an interesting honor (if you can call it that). You can now count Fifty Shades of Grey as one of the 14 most illegally downloaded films of 2015. But this is one movie you definitely need to own — here's why.


Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan are in good company because the comtroversial film that made them household names joins other popular flicks like Minions, The Hobbit, and American Sniper as movies millions of people wanted to watch in the comfort of their homes, but weren't willing to fork over a dime to own. Fifty Shades of Grey came in at number 7 on the list, with an impressive 32,126,827 illegal downloads this year (in case you're curious: Interstellar scored the top spot on the list).

What this means: a whole lot of people who work at your office and made fun of you for buying theater tickets in advance to see Fifty Shades were, in fact, secretly going home that night and engaging in a bit of illegal activity so they could see what was all the fuss between Christian Grey and Anastasia Steele. Sadly, for them, they're missing out on these 6 perks to owning Fifty Shades of Grey:

You Can Skip All of the Dialogue 

The film isn't exactly known for its captivating script. Own the DVD and allow yourself to fast forward through 95 percent of what is being said so that you can focus on the good parts: the, cough, visuals.

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You Can Rewatch This Scene Over and Over Again ...


Now, this is what you had in mind when you agreed to watch Fifty Shades.

... This One, Too

Now we're talking! Remind me why this movie didn't score an Oscar nomination?

You Can Finally Catch Rita Ora's Performance


Singer Rita Ora only had three lines when she played Mia Grey in Fifty Shades — so, basically, if you blinked, you missed her. Not anymore, thanks to your trusty remote control.

You Can Rewatch The Weeknd's Performance Countless Times

One of the greatest things about Fifty Shades was that it recognized The Weeknd and put Earned It on the map.

You Can Skip Ahead to the Elevator Scene and Then Keep Rewinding

Because the most magical of on-screen kisses deserves constant replay.


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