New Website CringeMDb Makes Sure Family Movie Night Doesn't Get Awkward

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For a lot of families, including mine, watching movies is a fun way to spend time together. But whether it's a new one at the theater or a flick to enjoy while camping out on the couch, screen time often depends upon our ability to find a movie that is appropriate for everyone. Enter CringeMDb.


CringeMDb is website designed to make sure you don't end up having to endure watching a steamy sex scene or hyper-violent action sequence with your family. This means no covering your kids' eyes or blushing as your mom asks you to explain a long string of swear words. Unlike some other guides for determining if a movie is family friendly, this one doesn't have a religious perspective or try to speak to the quality of the film. It is just going to give you the straight scoop: Are you going to see boobs, blood, or bad words?

So, what can you watch this holiday season?

The new Star Wars movie?


How about something holiday themed, like Bad Santa?


That Tina Fey and Amy Poehler movie Sisters looks funny -- what about that one?


Okay, no Sisters. How about The Martian? That will be on DVD soon and looks like it should be pretty safe.



Bald male buttocks? Well, I'm suddenly more interested, especially if they belong to Matt Damon. Maybe we'll just save that one for after the kids go to sleep.

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What about my favorite series of movies? Does Harry Potter make the grade as family friendly?


I checked on my favorite holiday movies and, no surprise if you've seen it, Love Actually is a big "NO":

Love Actually

If you are looking for a New Year's Eve-themed movie that is family friendly, CringeMBd says While You Were Sleeping might be a good choice.


But you know what's not a good NYE choice? New Year's Eve:


Finally, if you can't find a movie you all agree on, you can always suck it up and watch Frozen again.



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