10 Reasons Renee Zellweger's Bridget Jones Will Be an Awesome Mom (GIFS)

Bridget Jones

The next Bridget Jones movie, Bridget Jones's Baby, starring the one and only Renee Zellweger, is scheduled to come out in September of 2016. We already can't wait, thanks to some of the juicy tidbits and on-set photos we've been seeing! But what's REALLY got us excited is the idea of one of our fave female characters of all time becoming a mom.


For those of you who read the last Bridget Jones book, Bridget Jones: Mad About the Boy, it looks like this third film isn't going to follow that plotline at all. Instead, the movie is based on author Helen Fielding's old newspaper columns. And when we see her again on-screen, Bridget will be in her 40s, pregnant, and not sure who the father is.


No matter who the daddy turns out to be, we are 100 percent sure that Bridget is going to be a great mama. Why? We've got 10 reasons why, right here...

10. She understands that nothing ever works out just the way you planned. And that's okay.

9. She already feels like an idiot most of the time, anyway.

Yup. Since most of parenting is a series of trials and errors (oh, so many errors), being cool with feeling like an idiot is a helpful quality for a mom to have!

8. She keeps her head up, even in the most undignified situations.

Remember when she thought she was headed to a "fancy dress" party? And she ended up being the only one in costume? Hilarious! But somehow she still kept her head held high.


7. She's a total goofball.

Bridget is going to be one fun mom.

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6. She's adventurous!

Bridget's always up for trying something new -- a trait that serves any parent well.

5. She's no stranger to embarrassing, painful experiences.

Any mom will tell you -- the awkward, painful experiences start as soon as you get pregnant (hello, gyno stirrups on a regular basis for 40 weeks!), and pretty much never end. (Cracked nipples, anyone?)

4. She has great friends.

It really does take a village. Jude, Shazza, and Tom love Bridget to bits, and they'll be there for her -- and the baby!

3. She's not totally selfless.

Sometimes mommies need a little mom-me time, and Bridget doesn't seem like someone who will forget that.


Yet, of course....

2. She has a strong sense of self-worth.

Here's the famous scene where Bridget finally gets an offer from dastardly Daniel Cleaver (played to perfection by the one and only Hugh Grant). It's what she's been wanting for so long ... or is it?

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And finally, the most important thing...

1. She has the best sense of humor.

Sense of humor is the NUMBER ONE thing you need to survive parenthood! And Bridget Jones always finds the humor in a situation.

We can't wait for Bridget Jones and her baby!


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