15 Biggest Moments Surrounding 'Fifty Shades of Grey' in 2015

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It was a big year for Fifty Shades of Grey -- not only did we get to see the book come to life on film, so many other things happened, too. There was drama, intrigue, babies! A little bit of art imitating life perhaps. Although I'm not making any assumptions of what goes on in the private bedrooms of the film's stars, I can dream about it. After all, that's exactly what Fifty Shades of Grey inspires -- fantasies. And so, at the close of this very sexy year, let's review some of the biggest moments surrounding our favorite sexytime flick and its stars.


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Between all the casting rumors, the whisperings that things between Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan were icy at best, and the infamous butt double, so many crazy things have happened this year to the Fifty Shades cast that we can't even keep up. And that only adds to our excitement for the upcoming movie. We've loved this series since we first started reading the books many moons ago. But the movies only add to our enjoyment. What were the biggest moments in Fifty Shades this past year? Take a look at all the highs and lows that our favorite cast had to go through while making one of our favorite films.

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Read on to see which moments made our list, and reminisce on the year in Christian and Ana.

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