Dakota Johnson & Kate Hudson Swap Moms in Adorable New Photo

They're both successful blonde actresses who raised equally successful and beautiful daughters -- so it's only natural that they paid homage to them while recently dining out together. Dakota Johnson and Kate Hudson swapped moms in an adorable new photo that will remind you why these two are the perfect future BFFs.


The Fifty Shades of Grey star joined mom Melanie Griffith, friend Kate, and her mom Goldie Hawn at a restaurant in Aspen, Colorado, where the quartet are vacationing (though it's unclear whether they planned their ski trip together or just so happen to be at the same place, same time). Dakota, 26, and her mom are also enjoying this quiet time before the Christmas frenzy begins with her brother Jesse Johnson and half-sister Stella Banderas -- so you know good times are being had by all up in the mountains.

When you add two bubbly personalities like Kate and Goldie into the mix, you can guarantee you're going to have an even more incredible night -- and Melanie proved they were having a great time together by posting this sweet photo on Instagram of their "mom swap," along with the caption: "Goldie, Dakota, Kate and me having some giggles in Aspen! Mother-Daughter times are the best!!!"

How cute are they?

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Dakota and Kate were born into Hollywood royalty and understand what it was like to have the spotlight thrust upon them at an early age. They can also both relate when it comes to trying to create their own paths in Hollywood and separating themselves from their parents so that they score acting gigs based on their talent, not on who they know.

Goldie and Melanie have reportedly been friends for a long time, so it makes perfect sense that Dakota and Kate, 36, have also hung out together. They have so much to talk about -- the industry, other celebs, their crazy-famous families, men, men troubles. I picture Kate offering words of wisdom to Dakota, and Dakota appealing to Kate's eternal youth. Expect these two to became fast friends and to begin showing up, arm in arm, at events together. They're a match made in Hollywood heaven.


Image via Jen Lowery/Splash News

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