'Fifty Shades of Grey' Named One of 2015's Worst Movies

If you can't win an Oscar, I guess this is better than nothing? Fifty Shades of Grey was named one of the five worst movies of 2015 — yay?


US Weekly released its choices for the five most horrendous films of the year and I have a feeling many people are going to agree with #5: a "passionless," "anticlimactic" adaption of EL James's bestselling novel in which neither Dakota Johnson nor a shirtless Jamie Dornan could save the movie.

At least Fifty Shades can take comfort in knowing four movies were considered even more torturous to have to sit through this year: Fantastic Four, Hot Pursuit (the one starring Reese Witherspoon and Sofia Vergara), Aloha (with Bradley Cooper and Emma Stone), and, topping the list, Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt's By the Sea

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I highly doubt most of the actors and crew involved in the making of Fifty Shades sat there thinking, Wow, guys, we have an award-winning film on our hands. Given the controversial nature of the material, they had to figure that a large segment of the population would be immediately turned off by its BDSM content and that those who are okay with it expect to at least be entertained by an intriguing story line.

Unfortunately, in my opinion, the script lacked authenticity, and there were far too many times you found yourself asking, Who on the planet of Earth actually speaks this way? It's a shame, because both Dakota and Jamie are talented professionals, but they did what they could with the material provided to them. I can't help but wonder whether the film would have turned out differently (and would have been spared a spot on the "worst" list) had James allowed director Sam Taylor-Johnson to have more creative input.

On a positive note, starring in one of the worst movies of the year did very little to hurt Dakota and Jamie's careers. How do you think James feels about this honor?


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