Super Funny 'Daddy's Home' Clip Reminds Us Why We Love Will Ferrell (VIDEO)

We just can't get enough of this guy! In this sneak peek for Daddy's Home, Will Ferrell brings his perfect physical comedy to the screen once again.


In the movie, he plays the stepdad to Mark Wahlberg's character's kids, and when bio dad shows up to impress his offspring, it's up to Mommy's new husband to try to show them he can be just as cool as their absent father.

Only, it doesn't go quite so well.

I have no idea how he got that motorcycle up the stairs or himself through that wall, but I love how vigilantly he keeps insisting that Mark Wahlberg put his shirt on. 

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We have to feel for the guy though. He's obviously stepped up in the dad role while the kids' bio dad was out of the picture, but what do you do when the cool guy steps back onto the scene? If you're Will Ferrell in Daddy's Home, you hop onto a motorcycle and go for it.


Image via Paramount Pictures/YouTube

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