'Fifty Shades of Black' Promo Poster Is Everything We Hoped for & More (PHOTO)

Every super popular franchise has to get spoofed at some point, and Fifty Shades of Black's new promo poster takes on Fifty Shades of Grey in a hilarious way. We're also pretty obsessed with the film's tagline.


Touted as "Way Shadier Than Gray," Marlon Wayans, king of spoof comedies, really outdoes himself. We think even the biggest Fifty Shades fan will chuckle at this one.

While it's certainly not the kind of flick that will tide us over until 2017 when Fifty Shades Darker finally hits theaters, it will certainly make for a good girls' night out during the time of year when there isn't much going on in theaters.

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And we really cannot wait to see specifically which scenes get the most attention, and how the cast and crew chose to make them over. If the hardware store scene isn't included, we'll be kinda, sorta devastated.

Fifty Shades of Black hits theaters on January 29, so all jokes will be revealed soon.


Image via fiftyshadesofgreymovie/Instagram

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