Dakota Johnson Spotted Getting Close to Heidi Klum's Man

Celebrities seem to go from relationship to relationship faster than the average person, but this is a little extreme. Dakota Johnson was reportedly caught on a date with Vito Schnabel, even though his supermodel girlfriend (or ex-girlfriend?) Heidi Klum never actually announced they had broken up.


Heidi, 42, has been criticized for dating Vito, a 29-year-old art dealer, since the moment they were first seen together -- and, yes, the nasty talk had everything to do with their age difference. How else do you explain the way he was constantly being described as her "boy toy"? The couple might be over and out because Star magazine recently reported that 26-year-old Dakota and Vito were caught on film hanging out at a bar in New York City, where they were apparently very touchy-feely.

Shocker: The Fifty Shades of Grey actress's face can't actually be seen in the footage, but Star has decided it has to be her based on her unique neck tattoo -- and it definitely looks like her in the photos that follow. I guess it helps to know that Dakota reportedly broke up with long-term on-again, off-again boyfriend Matthew Hitt just a few days before she was maybe spotted trying to get close to Vito at the White Horse Tavern.

Here are some pics:

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Yeah, it certainly doesn't look like Dakota is all over Vito -- and you'll notice there appears to be a third party hanging out with them. Not exactly the intimate date you were imagining, right?

Then again, anything is certainly possible, and if Vito and Heidi broke up and both parties were single, there's nothing wrong with their sharing a drink and getting to know each other. Why should Heidi feel the need to release a public statement about the status of her relationship? They may have been broken up for months before Vito and Dakota met up at a bar. 

The most unsettling aspect of this story is how Heidi and Dakota are being set up to make it seem like there's now some great rivalry between the younger and older woman over a guy. It's all very silly. Both Heidi and Dakota are beautiful, successful women who aren't having trouble in the dating department. It belittles them to make it seem like they'd need to fight over one random man. 


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