Watch 'Daddy's Home' Stars Will Ferrell & Mark Wahlberg in Epic Xmas Lights Battle (VIDEO)

Who doesn't love a good holiday lights show? And this one is pretty freaking awesome. Ahead of the Christmas Day release of Daddy's Home, The Stir got a first look at this promo clip of the stars engaging in a Christmas lights battle that would make Clark Griswold proud.


In the movie, Will Ferrell plays the stepdad to Mark Wahlberg's kids, and the two get involved in a dad-off. It's a story a lot of us can relate to this holiday season, as blended families try to make things extra special for their kiddos.

You know, like having the best decorated house for Christmas! The dads duke it out with completely over-the-top light displays and pyrotechnics that don't exactly end well. Check it out:

Poor Will Ferrell -- he kind of gets outdone by the "real dad" even in the promo clip! Isn't that the way it goes as a stepmom or stepdad? No matter how stable you are, or how much you love and care for the kids, you're never going to replace Mom or Dad.

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Thankfully, we have movies like this to poke fun at blended family chaos -- and hopefully it will help the rest of us get a little comedic relief and put things into perspective.

Daddy's Home hits theaters on December 25, 2015.


Image via Paramount

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