Jamie Dornan Is Savoring as Much Family Time as He Can Before 'Fifty Shades' Filming Resumes

Christian Grey's schedule is going to be jam-packed these next two years -- so Jamie Dornan is reportedly getting daddy time in now, before he sets sail for Vancouver in the new year to reprise his role in Fifty Shades Darker.


The 33-year-old Irish actor has signed on to play Christian in both Fifty Shades Darker and Fifty Shades Freed -- and it's going to be a doozy of a commitment. EL James and her team have reportedly decided to film both movies back-to-back, mainly in Canada, which means Jamie and costar Dakota Johnson are really going to have to throw themselves into the bizarre Grey fictional world. It also means they likely won't be able to explore many other job opportunities and will spend less time with their families.

For Jamie, that means leaving behind his wife Amelia Warner and their 2-year-old daughter Dulcie. It also means missing out on the last few months of his wife's pregnancy -- yep, he reportedly confirmed with People magazine that they are expecting their second child.

In order to make up for future lost time, Jamie is reportedly on "daddy duty" and attempting to do more with Dulcie now so that they can bond before he has to hit the set in February. 

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I don't think this has to be all doom and gloom. Jamie's role is helping him provide for his family -- and by "provide," I mean, "set everyone up for life." I'm pretty sure Amelia and Dulcie will follow Dad to Vancouver and set up shop there for a few years, which sounds like fun. There are definitely worse places to live than beautiful Vancouver!

It will certainly be a challenge and Amelia will probably have to assume most parental duties for a few years, but the reward will be both a huge financial gain and an increasing level of star power for Jamie. They can make it work!


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