Jamie Dornan Comes Clean on How He Really Feels About BDSM

Anyone who is still unsure of how appropriate it is for Fifty Shades of Grey and its sequels to depict a relationship between a man and a woman who enjoy BDSM, listen up: Jamie Dornan says S&M is no big deal. The 33-year-old Irish actor came clean in an interview with GQ magazine about how he really feels about filming all of those sexy, controversial scenes with Dakota Johnson.


While researching the role of Christian Grey, Dornan admitted he visited an S&M dungeon and, while kicking back with a beer, observed what happens between a dominant and a submissive. Here's what he found: It's not as serious and dark as you might think -- folks were even enjoying themselves and, yes, sharing a laugh or two. 

His experiences may have helped shape his attitude about playing the dominant Grey because, as Dornan tells it, he's an "extremely liberal person" who says, "I don't give a f***. If people are into that, they're into that."

Wondering how he feels about the criticism that Fifty Shades and BDSM in general is misogynist toward women? Don't worry, he touches on that, too:

By the way, if people make such a hoo-hah about the violence-against-women aspect of it, it's far more common for men to be the submissive. And it's consensual! There's weirder shit than that. I think plane spotting is far weirder than S&M. That I really don't get. I can understand why people are into S&M, but standing outside Heathrow Terminal 5 waiting for Ryanair to come in?

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Ha -- please, tell us how you really feel, Jamie!

I have to admit, I'm on board with Jamie's way of thinking. What couples enjoy together in the bedroom, whatever it is that happens to bring them together and forge a much deeper connection between them, is a positive thing, in my opinion. I think it's silly and stifling to insist there's only one normal way of expressing love and sexual desire. And it's cool to know that Dornan is clued into this and truly understands how his character feels and thinks in Fifty Shades.

Props to Dornan for humanizing Christian Grey and defending Fifty Shades -- it's great to know he feels neither shame nor remorse in taking on this character.


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