Those 'Crazy' Fans Camping Out for 'Star Wars' Are Actually Doing Some Good

Fans have been waiting a long time for this day, and it's finally almost here. But some die-hard Stars Wars fans are already in line for The Force Awakens, even though there are still nine days until the December 18 premiere.


Moviegoers are already lining up outside the historic Chinese Theater in Los Angeles, organized by Of course they're uber fans of the Star Wars franchise, but what many don't realize is that part of the reason they're doing it is for charity.

They've partnered with Starlight Children's Foundation, which funds critical needs for hospitalized kids all over the U.S. and Puerto Rico. Observers are encouraged to make a donation via text, and some even reportedly give cash on the spot.

Aside from the charitable giving, these fans are also out to have a good time and enjoy the camaraderie. Purchasing movie tickets has evolved considerably since Episode IV was released in 1977, when you had to actually buy your ticket at the box office. Now you can buy online months in advance, and many theaters even let you book your seat number.

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But those who wait in line are trying to keep a tradition alive. One participant, Erik Murillo, told the New York Times, "At night you freeze and in the daytime you cook, but you come for the camaraderie and the chance to be a part of cinematic history ... Besides, there are traditions to be upheld."

It's awesome that hardcore fans have found not only a way to bond together, but also to do something good for society. May the force be with them.


Image via Chesnot/Getty Images

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