'Fifty Shades' Location Tour Lets You Walk a Mile in Christian & Ana's Shoes

Move over Los Angeles, Vancouver is about to become the next hot travel destination for movie lovers. Fifty Shades of Grey fans can now tour the film's Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland locations, thanks to the brand new Fifty Shades Locations Guide. Road trip, anyone?


Even though the blockbuster is set in Portland and Seattle, the majority of the film was actually shot in Vancouver and a Portland-based blogger named Lisa Fish has been kind enough to create an eBook packed with photos and maps of all of the film's shooting locations. Since releasing the info, fans are reportedly going nuts and, possibly, making travel plans to Canada asap so that they can retrace Anastasia Steele and Jamie Dornan's footsteps.

And Fish isn't quitting anytime soon. She'll also reportedly return to British Columbia when Fifty Shades Darker begins filming (any day now, right?) so that she can report back on more cool locations. If you're interested, simply download a copy of the 50 Shades Locations Guide on Amazon.ca -- or add it to your holiday gift wish list.

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How fun would it be to book a trip to Vancouver, Seattle, and Portland with your best friends and float around each city, visiting the film's familiar coffee houses, cafes, and even the locations where Christian went jogging? I'm totally impressed with the number of sites Fish covers in her book -- she's an uber fan if ever I saw one.

And if you absolutely must be on the set at the same time as Jamie and Dakota and have nothing but time on your hands, well, maybe you have a Fifty Shades Darker travel book in your heart, as well. But good luck cracking the Fifty Shades code of secrecy and getting any information at all about a shooting schedule.


Image via fiftyshadesmovie/Instagram

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