Jamie Dornan Fans May Be Seeing a Lot More of Him Thanks to 'The Fall' (PHOTO)

For Fifty Shades of Grey fans, waiting an entire year to see Christian Grey reunite with Anastasia Steele is like waiting an eternity. This is a pretty amazing consolation prize: Jamie Dornan will resume filming The Fall, a wildly successful BBC2 crime drama series in which the Irish actor plays a serial killer. And there's a photo to prove it's happening.


Season two of The Fall ended with a cliffhanger in which Paul Spector, the psycho killer character played by Jamie, was left wounded and at death's door alongside Gillian Anderson's character DC Stella Gibson. While other actors from the series have been tweeting messages in recent days about returning to the Belfast set, Jamie has been totally quiet about it — leaving fans to speculate about his character and when the actor will turn up on set.

In his defense, can you imagine the hysteria that would ensue should Jamie fans get advance notice of his appearing at a certain location for filming? He's wise to stay mum about it.

As of now, all fans have to go by is this photo that was tweeted by The Fall showing a bloody hospital trolley that we assume is reserved for Jamie's character:

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I'm sorry to be the one to say this aloud, but is it possible that Jamie's character will be killed off because the actor's commitments to the Fifty Shades sequels leave him little time for other work?

No worries. According to BBC's controller of drama commissioning, Ben Stephenson, Paul Spector's story hasn't been resolved just yet: "The story is far from over. Allan has known the endgame from the beginning — the cat and mouse game between Gillian and Jamie has one last act to play out. Who will win?"

In this case, Jamie fans — specifically, those living in Belfast — are totally going to win because it sounds like Jamie is just days away from being spotted around town as he continues to shoot scenes for this highly regarded series. More Jamie (even psycho Jamie)? We'll take it!


Image via Keene/Splash News

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