Dakota Johnson Admits Johnny Depp Gave Her the Shivers

No one is immune to Johnny Depp's charms or talent. Dakota Johnson recently revealed Depp gave her "shivers" when they starred together in Black Mass -- who can blame her?


You can do anything to Depp -- age him with makeup, give him a skull cap -- anything. Still, scores of women can't help but be drawn to his intensity and immense talent (because that's all it is and has nothing at all to do with his perfectly sculpted cheekbones). Anyway, count Dakota in as just another lady who glows about Depp whenever she can. The 26-year-old Fifty Shades of Grey actress, who starred alongside him in Black Mass, admitted the 52-year-old actor gave her goosebumps on set.

"It gives you shivers," she said of Depp's portrayal of James "Whitey" Bulger, a notorious Boston gangster. "I had done so much research on him and on these people that the photos that you see of Jimmy Bulger -- it's uncanny, the resemblance. So it was wild."

Dakota, who starred as Bulger's wife Lindsey Cyr, didn't stop there with the praise: "And he is just a whole universe in a person, so it was quite beautiful. Quite a wonderful thing to be a part of. James Bulger, I think he was quite a charming person. He has a very colorful sexual history."

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I think it's sweet and gracious of Dakota to give Johnny major props for his role in the film, and she's right: The experience of working with him was probably a great education for her. Dakota found an unbelievable amount of fame overnight, but her remarks prove she isn't taking any of it for granted and continues to learn from those around her in the hopes of growing as an actress. Her career is only beginning, and it's exciting to think about what lies ahead for her.


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