10 Holiday Movies That Will Make You Feel Better About Your Crazy Family (PHOTOS)

the family stone

Thanksgiving means turkey, stuffing, and having to endure the insanity of your dysfunctional family. But if you need something to make you feel a little more normal, look no further than these movies that depict the ultimate in family dysfunction.


Some are comedies complete with madcap adventures and an RV parked on your front lawn with your long-lost unkempt relatives living in it. Others are a bit darker with wife swapping and infidelities. But all show the often challenged moments we have in our families ... and how somehow we manage to get through it ... even forgive.

And all the movies are focused around the holidays, which can make your own turkey day a little more awkward or a whole lot better seeing how other scenarios (even though fictional) can be a lot worse. After watching these films, you'll want to hug your crazy cousin and love your wacky parents even more.


Image via YouTube