Watch Melissa McCarthy as the Ultimate 'Boss' in Her New Movie Trailer (VIDEO)

Melissa McCarthy The BossYes! A new Melissa McCarthy movie is headed our way, and judging by this hilarious trailer for The Boss, it's going to be ... well, BOSS! To celebrate, we rounded up some of the funniest GIFs from Melissa's best roles. But first, you have to see her latest transformation.


Melissa is hardly recognizable as her character Michelle Darnell, an epic titan-of-industry type who goes from being the richest woman in America to a penniless jailbird, convicted of insider trading, and in need of some serious re-branding.

Melissa McCarthy The Boss

Directed, co-produced, and co-written by Melissa's hubby of 10 years, Ben Falcone, the movie features a supporting cast that includes one of our favorites, Kristen Bell. Also look out for some incredible talent like Peter Dinklage and Kathy Bates. We can't wait!

Check it out:


Melissa must have had a blast making this movie! She seems to have loved her character -- and her character's wardrobe: "I miss Michelle Darnell and I miss those clothes," Melissa told E! "She is exactly the kind of woman I have always obsessed over with perfect nails that you know smells of an expensive perfume. Everything was like St. John and cashmere and silk."

A little bit of a departure from most of Melissa's past characters, right?

"The clothing and the whole attitude of this woman is like -- it's the exact woman I would follow around a mall for the day," she added.

Melissa, we would happily follow YOU around the mall all day! Here are just a few of the reasons why...

1. Sookie, the best of best friends in Gilmore Girls:

2. Melissa flirting with Jason Bateman in Identity Theft:

3. Melissa in Bridesmaids, as Megan -- of the funniest movie characters of all time:

 4. Melissa as the best Spy ever:

5. Melissa partnered with another funny lady, Sandra Bullock, in The Heat:

6. Of course, Melissa's hilarious even when she's not acting:

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The Boss hits theaters around the nation on April 8. Mark your calendars!


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