Playing Christian Grey Is Wreaking Havoc on Jamie Dornan's Career Again

It certainly sounds like someone may be in trouble with his boss. The Fall's creator says Jamie Dornan's Fifty Shades of Grey role is distracting from the television series.


The main problem lies in the fact that while Jamie's big-screen character likes to dominate women, he always asks first. But as Paul Spector on The Fall, he dominates women by murdering them. Alan Cubitt, the man behind the TV series, says the similarities between the characters are hurting his show.

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Basically Alan is trying to make a serious point about violence against women, and he thinks Fifty Shades has overshadowed everything he set out to do. With that being said, The Fall is about to start filming its third season, so it's not like it hasn't been a success for the guy.

Jamie can't seem to catch a break when it comes to playing Christian Grey. What should be a career-changing role for him constantly seems to get in the way. First he was allegedly cut from Bradley Cooper's Burnt because of his Fifty Shades notoriety (the director dismissed that rumor) -- and now this.

Unless you're going to buy out an actor's career for life, you can't exactly expect him not to take on other roles, including ones that might sorta, kinda have a connection to the one for which you hired him.

Don't worry, Jamie. We've got your back.


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