'Home Alone' 25 Years Later: See What the Cast Looks Like Now (PHOTOS)

Kelly Bryant | Nov 13, 2015 Movies
'Home Alone' 25 Years Later: See What the Cast Looks Like Now (PHOTOS)

home alone macaulay culkinIt seems impossible, but Home Alone is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year! The movie that made Macaulay Culkin a big-time star and had kids everywhere wishing they would get left behind (if only to eat ice cream for breakfast) hit theaters on November 16, 1990.

While Macaulay, in particular, has been a bit reclusive as of late, there's no better time to take a walk down memory lane to see just what the cast of the iconic movie looks like now.


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  • Macaulay Culkin: Then


    Image via Fox Home Entertainment

    "Kevin McCallister"

    Macaulay Culkin was just 10 years old when Home Alone was released and it catapulted him into superstardom. He went on to star in the film's sequel, as well as in My Girl and The Good Son.

  • Macaulay Culkin: Now


    Image via 893/Splash News

    It's not easy to find current photos of Mac, as he tends to shy away from the cameras these days, but he recently appeared on The Jim Gaffigan Show and finished production on Adam Green's Aladdin.

  • Joe Pesci: Then


    Image via Fox Home Entertainment

    "Harry Lime"

    Joe Pesci was already a seasoned acting veteran by the time he took on the role of a bumbling burglar in Home Alone. Despite his character's best attempts, there was no getting past 8-year-old Kevin McCallister's traps and tricks to defend his family home.

  • Joe Pesci: Now


    Image via AdMedia/Splash News

    Since Home Alone, the actor went on to star in dozens of movies, including the beloved My Cousin Vinny and Casino.

  • Kieran Culkin: Then


    Image via Ron Galella/Getty Images

    "Fuller McCallister"

    Macauley's little brother Kieran had a small, but memorable, part in Home Alone as Fuller, the little guy who couldn't get enough of Pepsi, leading to some inevitable bathroom humor.

  • Kieran Culkin: Now


    Image Via Derek Storm/Corbis


    Kieran's acting roles picked up quite a bit after Home Alone, and most recently he appeared in the FX series Fargo. He recently wrapped a film called Wiener-Dog.


  • Catherine O'Hara: Then


    Image via Ron Galella /Getty Images

    "Kate McCallister"

    Moms everywhere totally felt for Kate, who mistakenly left little Kevin at home as the huge family jetted off to Paris for Christmas. Prior to Home Alone, Catherine had been seen in a slew of TV shows and movies, including the iconic Beetlejuice.

  • Catherine O'Hara: Now


    Image via Efren Landaos/Press Line/Splash

    Currently Catherine stars in Pop TV's hilarious comedy Schitt's Creek opposite Eugene Levy.

  • Devin Ratray: Then


    Image via Devin Ratray/Instagram

    "Buzz McCallister"

    Playing the quintessential older-brother bully, actor Devin Ratray was hilarious as Buzz, Kevin's mean and not very right older sibling.

  • Devin Ratray: Now


    Image via Jeffery Duran/Splash News

    While many of the child actors who played one of the McCallister kids appear to have either left the biz entirely or moved behind the camera, Devin works steadily. He recently appeared in Agent Carter, Louie, and Elementary.

  • Daniel Stern: Then


    Image via Fox Home Entertainment

    "Marv Merchants"

    The dim-witted Marv turned out to be quite the thorn in his crime partner Harry's side. Actor Daniel Stern was possibly best known to '80s kids as the narrator of The Wonder Years.

  • Daniel Stern: Now


    Image via AdMedia/Splash News

    Today Daniel plays a decidedly different character from Marv, tackling the role of Glen Babbit on WGN's Manhattan.

  • John Heard: Then


    Image via Warner Bros./Getty Images

    "Peter McCallister"

    Home Alone fans probably remember actor John Heard looking more like this around the time he played Kevin's dad. Like many of the other veteran actors in the movie, his career was already well established in Hollywood. John appeared in The Milagro Beanfield War, Beaches, and Big, among other films.

  • John Heard: Now


    Image Via Kevan Brooks/AdMedia/Corbis

    John just completed a long list of films and was recently spotted in The Lizzie Borden Chronicles and NCIS: Los Angeles.


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