Dakota Johnson Dishes on How She Handles 'Fifty Shades' Extreme Sex Scenes

Anything for the sake of art. Proving she is (in her own words) shameless, Dakota Johnson revealed she has no problem shooting extreme sex scenes if a film requires them. Which kind of makes you even more curious about what we can expect to see in Fifty Shades Darker, doesn't it?


The 26-year-old actress, who shot to fame after playing innocent Anastasia Steele, told Elle that the sexy scenes she had to shoot with Jamie Dornan in Fifty Shades of Grey didn't bother her at all:

"I don't have any problem in doing anything," Dakota said. "The secret is, I have no shame."

Clearly, Dakota understands that her role as an actress is to remain true to the character and her motivations. Ana is exploring her sexuality and safe place with Christian Grey, so it makes sense that EL James and the crew hired a professional who feels comfortable in her own skin and with sex.

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There are rumors that the film's sequel is going to be even more erotic than the first and that Jamie may be paid big bucks to shoot full-frontal scenes. But, like everything else surrounding Fifty Shades Darker, this is nothing but gossip as of now. Just to give you some hint of how out of control rumors have become, when Charlize Theron was asked on the Dark Places red carpet about being cast as Mrs. Robinson, she told E! Online: "I hadn't heard that one. Wow, I'm just learning so much about myself on this carpet tonight."

Anyway, one thing that is pure truth: Dakota does not feel she was exploited and felt totally comfortable getting sexy with Jamie in order to make her character come to life. For some reason, that only makes the films even hotter. 


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