Dakota Johnson Says Ana Really Breaks Christian Down Emotionally in Sequel

dakota johnsonThings seem to be rolling along as they should when it comes to Fifty Shades Darker (thank goodness!). It also seems that no one is more excited than our very own Anastasia Steele, Dakota Johnson. Dakota revealed that one of the things that really excites her about the Fifty Shades of Grey sequel is how Ana breaks Christian down in an emotional sense. She finds that even more intriguing than the sex scenes.


I can't say I agree with her -- though I am equally interested in the sex scenes and the emo scenes. I'm not an animal! But this is Fifty Shades of Grey we are talking about -- I want it all. I guess I'm kind of like Christian in that way. Okay. Not really.

Let's delve into what Dakota really is saying here.

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When talking to Elle magazine, Dakota said that she read the books by EL James in order to really prepare. So she read the script and the books -- obviously this is a woman who does her research. You don't just jump into the role of Ana without fully submersing yourself in her world. Which makes me wonder if she endured some spankings to ... you know ... prepare. Ahem. Through this research, Dakota found herself more interested in how Ana breaks Christian down emotionally, and how Christian breaks Ana down in the same way. The sex scenes were just that -- sex scenes. Sure, they lend themselves to that power struggle and the emotional ways they tear at each other, but for the movie to work and really strike a chord with the audience, you need all the emotional stuff in there, too. It IS a love story, after all. A true professional, Dakota surely is.

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Dakota also let us all in on something else regarding those sex scenes -- she has no shame and has no issue doing scenes like that because she's sexually honest. I love her. She really is the perfect Ana.

And now, as if all the hype before this wasn't enough, I am even more excited for Fifty Shades Darker.


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