Latest 'Fifty Shades Darker' Casting Update Is Frustrating at Best

We're waiting impatiently for more news about which actors and actresses will take on the roles of Jack Hyde, Leila Williams, and Mrs. Robinson in the upcoming Fifty Shades of Grey sequel. But the latest casting news about Fifty Shades Darker may frustrate you even more.


With so much talk about production for the sequel possibly being delayed — something that is mostly being blamed on Jamie Dornan for wanting to spend more time with his family before jumping back into Christian Grey's shoes — fans have been itching to find out what's going on behind the scenes. One observant fan reportedly suggested we might not find out about casting decisions until right before shooting begins. The fan attempted to make sense of this mystery when he/she left this comment on Design & Trend:

They didn’t really announce their filming schedule until right before with Fifty Shades and with Darker filming rumored to start in February, it seems early for them to announce anything. And I’m not sure Team50 actually announced it last time. If I recall correctly the supporting cast wasn’t announced for Fifty Shades until right before or after the start of filming, so I wouldn’t necessarily expect casting announcements just yet.

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It certainly seems like the fan is onto something, because there isn't a single soul connected with the film who is eager to comment on whether Ian Somerhalder will actually play Jack, or if we can expect to see Charlize Theron take on Mrs. Robinson, or if Alexis Bledel will flex her acting muscles as Christian's ex Leila. Perhaps they feel it's better to keep us all on our toes in order to drum up excitement for the film, since it'll be quite a while before we can actually visit a theater and see Anastasia and Christian back in action.

We really have no choice but to wait and have faith that EL James and her team will choose the best celebs for the job. For now, we have no reason to believe the film will not begin shooting in the new year or that a February 2017 release date isn't still the goal.


Image via shadesdarker50/Instagram

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