Jamie Dornan May Go from 'Fifty Shades' to the Stage

There might be another explanation for why Fifty Shades Darker gets pushed back. Jamie Dornan has reportedly been cast in a play in Dublin about the Battle of the Somme, and its schedule may conflict with EL James and the crew's production plans for the Fifty Shades sequel.


There is a rumor going around that Jamie has been cast in a play called Observe the Sons of Ulster Marching Towards the Somme, which was written by Frank McGuinness and will be directed by Jeremy Herrin next year in Dublin. The play is scheduled to open on August 6, 2016, and close on September 24, 2016, which isn't a significant chunk of time — until you consider the intense rehearsals that will also have to take place prior to opening night.

Given Jamie's background — he hails from Northern Ireland — as well as his interest in portraying war figures, as he proved by starring in back-to-back war films Anthropoid and Jadotville, it's understandable why his name has been thrown around for consideration. But Jamie has not confirmed that he is on board with this project. Yet.

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There's no doubt that taking on a stage production would be a fantastic challenge for Jamie and a chance to show off his broad talent, but I can't help but wonder how the Fifty Shades folks feel about it? They are still reportedly determined to begin shooting the sequel after the new year and sticking to a 2017 release date, but Jamie's turn in a play will no doubt throw a wrench in their plans.

After hearing rumors that Jamie wants to delay production of the sequel by a year so he can spend time with his family, this new rumor might make you question whether there's more to his request. Could Jamie be itching to show off his serious acting skills before taking on the lighter role of Christian Grey?


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