Dakota Johnson Flubs Her Lines While Presenting at Awards Show (VIDEO)

Who wouldn't get nervous around Johnny Depp? While presenting an award at the Hollywood Film Awards alongside the Pirates of the Caribbean star, Dakota Johnson flubbed one of her lines, causing the audience to erupt in laughter.


Dakota and Johnny, who starred together in Black Mass, presented the Hollywood Breakout Actor Award to their costar Joel Edgerton, who played John Connelly in the film. Right off the bat, Dakota complimented Johnny for "brilliantly" pulling off the role of Whitey Bulger, and the seasoned actor returned the favor by insisting Dakota was the "brilliant" one.

It was all downhill from there. As a result of either being nervous because everybody's teenage crush coolly deemed her awesome in front of a live audience, or her cue cards being a mess, Dakota couldn't seem to get her line right and wound up saying the word "tonight" a few too many times. Of course, it was utterly adorable.

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I'm a big fan of celebrity blooper moments because they prove that even larger-than-life stars are totally human and prone to making mistakes. I am hoping Dakota reveals whether she found her tongue in a knot because of stage fright, a cue card error, or Johnny Depp's presence. I don't care if he's 22, 52, or 102 — Johnny's slick demeanor will forever make some of us feel like we're giddy and 15 all over again.


Image via Splash News

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