Jamie Dornan May Delay 'Fifty Shades Darker' Production for a Year

The reason why updates about a Fifty Shades of Grey sequel have been few and far between could have a lot more to do with the film's leading man than any oft-talked-about delays in casting. Jamie Dornan is reportedly delaying Fifty Shades Darker by one year because he wants to spend time with his family, particularly after rumors that wife Amelia Warner is pregnant with their second child.


The film is scheduled to be released in February 2017, which means the cast would have to begin shooting right after the new year. Assuming Warner is expecting a child, that would also mean Jamie would be absent for most of her pregnancy, which isn't ideal for any couple. Given the gossip that Amelia and Jamie have been having marital issues, you can probably understand that their situation may be even more delicate right now.

Movie News Guide is reporting that the 33-year-old Irish actor personally requested a delay in the film's production by up to one year so that he can focus on his wife and their 2-year-old daughter.

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The last we heard, a casting director had yet to be hired for Fifty Shades Darker, which seemed odd because several important roles — Leila Williams, Jack Hyde, and Mrs. Robinson among them — still don't have actors and actresses attached to them. Perhaps they aren't on fire to cast the rest of the film when Jamie is still unsure of whether he can commit to the production schedule. Without Christian Grey, who appears in most of the scenes, there basically is no film.

On the other hand, isn't Jamie beholden to a contract? It will be interesting to see if EL James and the film's producers agree to give him more personal time when so much money rides on the Fifty Shades sequel. My guess is that Amelia, Jamie, and their little girl will move closer to wherever Fifty Shades Darker shoots so that he doesn't have to be away from family when he reprises the role that made him a global superstar. I'd be shocked to hear of their changing their plans for him — but anything can happen.


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