Cara Delevingne in 'Fifty Shades Darker'? She's Not the Right Fit

As the world waits for more casting news from the powers that be at Fifty Shades Darker, one interesting suggestion was brought up for a model/actress who might make a perfect ex-girlfriend for Christian Grey. Cara Delevingne could be the Leila Williams of your dreams, argues one writer, who believes she'd be the ideal former troubled submissive.


The 23-year-old supermodel recently took on the meaty role of Margo in Paper Towns, so she's certainly cutting her teeth in Hollywood, which means there's no reason she can't be a contender for Leila. Physically, she doesn't fit the role exactly, but that's something a little dark hair dye and colored contact lenses can easily fix. Cara seems like a deep, multifaceted person who can tap into her manic energy in a way that would make her a convincing stalker -- someone whom you can picture becoming obsessed with Dakota Johnson's Anastasia Steele.

For all of those reasons, I agree that Cara should get a shot at auditioning for Leila -- she has as good a chance as any other young actress. But there's still a very different veteran actress whom I believe would make the best Leila of all.

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Gilmore Girls's Alexis Bledel is a perfect combination of unpredictable and sweet and innocent, qualities she shares in common with Ana. The fact that she looks like she couldn't harm a fly will make it even more fascinating to watch as she transforms into a woman who becomes obsessed with her former lover's new girlfriend. It's easy to buy her as a willing submissive -- someone Christian would be attracted to -- but Alexis is also phenomenal at playing a melancholy character on the verge of self-destruction, which became apparent when we watched her take on Beth Dawes in Mad Men.

Neither actress has even mentioned being asked to play Leila, so this is all speculation at this point -- but both Alexis and Cara seem capable of taking on the role. I guess a lot of it will come down to the direction in which writers choose to go with the character.


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