11 Wildest Rumors Surrounding 'Fifty Shades of Grey'

Michele Zipp | Oct 26, 2015 Movies

jamie dornan dakota johnsonWe can talk about Fifty Shades of Grey all day, every day, because there always seems to be some kind of rumor surrounding the film that has gotten us all hot and bothered (in the best way). There are also rumors about the the stars -- Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan -- and about delays in filming Fifty Shades Darker. Some of these rumors are out of control. We're here to clear some of these things up.

From affairs to halting the sequel to some interesting things with Jake Gyllenhaal (say what?!), the gossip mill has churned up some fine nuggets to make even the greatest fans question everything. Here are the wildest and craziest rumors we've heard.


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  • Rumor: Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson hate each other.


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    Some people said they had no chemistry. Some said the two stars hated each other. But fans know that is just not true -- Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dornan ignited the film with their on-screen chemistry. There were no diva attitudes -- only mutual respect.

  • Rumor: Jamie and Dakota had an affair.


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    So if Jamie and Dakota don't hate each other, they must be totally in love, right? Wrong. While it's hard for us regular folk to understand the nature of acting out sex scenes, it's just how it's done in Hollywood. Jamie is happily married to Amelia Warner, and Dakota is dating Matthew Hitt. Well, at least she is as of this moment.

  • Rumor: Jamie is getting divorced from wife Amelia Warner.


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    The family that goes out for coffee together with baby in tow is not getting divorced -- at least this is the case with Jamie and Amelia. They are in their twilight right now -- after the honeymoon phase, came the new baby phase, so things are most likely quite incredible between these two.

  • Rumor: Jamie's wife Amelia is pregnant again.


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    When a couple has a kid, why is it that just a year or so later there are rumors that another one is on the way? Wishful thinking, perhaps. But while we know the movie Jamie is in is sexually charged and may make him feel a bit more frisky, as far as we know, no second baby on the way for Amelia just yet.

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  • Rumor: Amelia is so upset that Jamie is Christian Grey that she can never watch 'Fifty Shades.'


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    It must be weird to see your loved one getting it on with another in a movie, but that's something actors just do. While I'm sure Amelia doesn't watch Fifty Shades on the daily, she isn't angry at her husband and in fact she's quite supportive. This photo is of Ameila with baby Dulcie landing in Vancouver while Jamie was doing re-shoots for Grey.

  • Rumor: 'Fifty Shades Darker' will be delayed due to Jamie and Dakota contesting their salaries.


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    Yes, there is a lot of chatter about the salaries of Jamie and Dakota when it comes to the sequel, Fifty Shades Darker. But let's not get our undies all twisted here -- it's not going to delay the movie. It. Just. Can't.

  • Rumor: Amelia Warner hates that Jamie is an actor and wants him to stay at home.


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    This Amelia-wants-Jamie-to-stay-home business is a bunch of nonsense -- I mean ... who wants their partner home all the time?!? (Okay, don't answer that.) This is the biz these two are in though -- they know the drill. Jamie also seems like the ultimate dad and loving husband, so I'm going to say this is just a silly rumor.

  • Rumor: Dakota is dating Jake Gyllenhaal.


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    Jake Gyllenhaal dated everyone in Hollywood, if we believe all that has been said ... including Dakota Johnson. However, we aren't fully convinced of this rumor that Jake and Dakota are an item because, well, she's been holding hands with boyfriend Matthew Hitt.

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  • Rumor: Jamie flirts too much with his fans.


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    Okay, okay -- everyone needs to calm down here. Yes, it's true Jamie Dornan had some Twitter fun with his fans, but that's all it was ... good fun, R-rated fun. He did talk about how his fan will get a bigger-than-you-know-how-to-handle boner when watching Fifty Shades. Oh, Jamie!

  • Rumor: Jamie is going to be in a movie with ex Keira Knightley.


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    This is quite a juicy rumor -- will Jamie and Keira reunite in the movies? Doubtful, only because there would be way too much insanity there, but at the same time, they are professionals. They could be in a big cast film together and not even be in the same scenes.

  • Rumor: 'Fifty Shades Darker' won't happen.


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    Everyone needs to calm down with this one -- Fifty Shades Darker will happen even if E.L. James has to star in it herself. There is just way too much excitement and anticipation for the second installment of our favorite domrom. It will happen!

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