Dakota Johnson Reveals Her Biggest Regrets in Life

Even a professional gorgeous person like Dakota Johnson makes questionable beauty decisions from time to time. While receiving an honor at the Elle Women in Hollywood celebration, the Fifty Shades of Grey actress revealed two of the worst beauty/fashion faux pas she has ever made.


After being awarded the Calvin Klein Spotlight Award, the 26-year-old thanked mom Melanie Griffith and grandmother Tippi Hedren for their constant support and encouragement, but made sure to mention the times in her younger days when she wishes they would have put their feet down about certain horrific beauty choices she made. Johnson said:

I want to thank you both for encouraging me and supporting me in all of my endeavors, excluding the time you let me cornrow my hair on vacation and my scalp got sunburned and also when I thought it would be cool to pierce my belly button and I wore dangling jewelry from it.

Some women look beautiful with cornrows, but Johnson clearly doesn't feel like they did a whole lot of good for her — and, to be honest, I can't picture her with them. As for belly button rings, they'll always be something a lot of us associate with our teen years — and those of us who had one know the scar from the piercing doesn't always heal up the way we expect.

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Dakota also revealed she has a few reservations when it comes to the music she listened to in her younger days:

Also excluding when I went through that phase of listening to Phish, the ska band spelled with a 'P-h,' and when I changed my name to my cellular telephone voice mail to Bliss. Basically, I want to un-thank you for all the times I embarrassed myself and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything else.

Awww! It isn't often that we get to hear Dakota speak (outside of her movie roles), and it's fun to find out she has a bubbly personality and is quick-witted and open to poking fun at herself. These qualities make her even more likeable.

There are a lot of pretty, talented actresses in Hollywood, but Dakota stands apart from the flock because she is bold, intelligent, and just plain funny. As for her past beauty sins, she's making up for them in a major way now, because the lady rarely has a fashion miss.


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