Dakota Johnson Says 'Fifty Shades of Grey' Is Also Comedy

dakota johnsonDakota Johnson is a fierce defender of what she thinks is right -- she isn't afraid to speak her mind to the naysayers and get a bit feisty in the process. No, I'm not talking about those questioning her love life (what is going on with her and Matthew Hitt, anyway?), but I am talking about Fifty Shades of Grey. Our very own Ana said that we're "fu*&ed" if we can't laugh at the shenanigans going on with Grey. Comedy? Oh yes!



Dakota has a potty mouth, obviously. But what she's saying is right. There is humor in Fifty Shades -- it's a romcom/domrom and she's the perfect Ana. In no way is the movie all funny ha-ha, but it has its moments. There is some funny material there -- and even if you've never been flogged or seen a place like the red room of pain, there are plenty of other things that are relatable. Meeting a guy you are attracted to for the first time and feeling uncomfortable and not knowing what to do so you bite your lip or your pencil like a weirdo? See? Chuckles. It happens.

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Dakota plays the submissive to perfection. She's awkward. Unsure and yet sure of herself. She's innocent and quirky. And she's funny. And because this movie is about something that could totally happen in real life, it has to have humor because humor is all around us. Okay, there is no way that in real life Ana would let Christian get rid of that vintage VW Bug of hers. I don't think even Christian would sell that. Couldn't he just keep it in one of his garages or something? It could be the fun car they take out on Sundays when getting lattes.

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A fierce defender of the film that propelled her fame, Dakota is letting everyone know that even a movie that uses rope from a hardware store for some sexytime fun can provide some giggles. I mean, we've all found ourselves in some odd situations like Anastasia has, haven't we? Ah yes. We can laugh. We are not effed like Dakota said.


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