Jamie Dornan Is the Top Pick to Play Role of a Much Different Kind of Lover

It's official: Ireland thinks Christian Grey is the biggest romantic of all. A new survey revealed Jamie Dornan is the Irish celeb most folks want to see play Milk Tray Man, a sexy, mysterious '80s character who became famous in commercials for going to extreme lengths to deliver Cadbury chocolates to the woman he loves.


In honor of its 100th anniversary, Cadbury is reportedly thinking about a reboot of the famous commercials, which features a dark-haired man dubbed "Milk Tray Man" who would do crazy things like scale tall buildings or risk crashing his helicopter just to bring the lady he loves a Cadbury milk tray of chocolate goodies.

There were 23 ads in total and they are deliciously, hilariously cheesy:

Now that the race is on to cast a new mystery chocolate man, Cadbury has decided to open up the polls and find out which male celeb women and men think should be chosen as the modern Milk Tray Man -- and the winner so far, with nearly 25 percent of the votes, is the Fifty Shades of Grey actor.

Colin Farrell is a close second with 23 percent of votes, and a rugby player named Rob Kearney came in third with 20 percent of the vote.

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Whether Dornan would agree to take on the role remains to be seen. The one thing in the public's favor is that the 33-year-old actor probably has fond memories of watching the commercials when he was a child (and eating tons of Cadbury chocolate). Producers will have to act fast: Jamie is expected to reprise the sexy character who made him a household name all over the world when shooting begins for Fifty Shades Darker in the new year.

Although, I'm sure he wouldn't mind spending his weekends pretending to crash planes into the jungle to deliver treats to beautiful women.


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