Trailer for 'The Boy' Features the Creepiest Babysitting Job Ever (VIDEO)

The BOy TrailerAnyone who's ever had a babysitting or nanny job knows there are times when it's absolutely dreadful. But no matter how many tantrums or glasses of spilled milk you have to deal with, nothing can compare to what The Walking Dead's Lauren Cohan confronts in the upcoming film The Boy.


Thinking she's going to be minding a typical 8-year-old boy in England, American Greta finds herself facing both the surreal and the supernatural in one tiny package -- a doll. Or so it seems!

Initially, this has a little Lars & the Real Girl vibe. For anyone who didn't see that flick, Ryan Gosling plays a lonely introvert who falls in love with a life-sized doll. (Lucky doll, right??) Well, it looks like The Boy won't be taking any warm and cuddly turns. Take a peek -- if you dare.

That'll teach you to mind the parents' instructions, right? The film, written by Stacey Menear, is scheduled to be released in January. It looks so creepy; too bad it's not coming out in time for Halloween. 

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Is it just bad luck that Greta finds herself in charge of the creepiest doll since Chucky from Child's Play, or was she handpicked by the family? Either way, we can't wait to grab a bowl of popcorn and find out next year!


Image via STX Entertainment/YouTube

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