Dakota Johnson Entices Us on Cover of 'ELLE' With a Come Hither Stare (PHOTO)

dakota johnsonThe November Elle "Women In Hollywood" issue is here, and who better to grace the cover of Elle magazine than Dakota Johnson! Oh ... and Amy Schumer, Carey Mulligan, Salma Hayek, Gena Rowlands, Ava DuVernay, Kate Winslet, and Alicia Vikander. There are eight different covers. It's a definite power list, showing us which ladies are on top. Wait a minute ... I thought Dakota was a bottom.


Oh, right. That's her character in Fifty Shades of Grey, Anastasia Steele, being the submissive that she is. Dakota is dominance.

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Check out those freckles. What gorgeous skin! You'd think she has good genes or something. Oh, right. Her parents are Melanie Griffith and Don Johnson, so she lucked out in that department. Mom Melanie has freckles, too -- you can see them in photos of her when she was just a kid. I love that Dakota's makeup is so soft, barely there but just enough -- and those eyebrows! Perfection. Everything about this cover is amazing. She's in leather. She's got that sexy badass look on her face. Her necklace is a thick silver chain link. That's definitely not something Ana's selling at the hardware store.

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What's also fabulous is the fact that she made this esteemed list. (Though I am a little shocked Lena Dunham isn't on it.) Remember all the negativity surround Fifty Shades and people saying it's career-ending to be in the film? I sure do. As we now know, all those people were wrong. Dakota is here to stay, and I'm interested in all her future projects -- not just Fifty Shades Darker (but oh my goodness I really cannot wait for that). And for now, I'll take the Elle with Dakota on it -- or Amy Schumer, because I love her just as much.


Image via Fotogramma/Splash News

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