Jamie Dornan & Amelia Warner Divorce Rumors Just Won't Quit

At some point, you have to trust that what you're seeing in front of your very eyes is reality. Jamie Dornan and Amelia Warner divorce rumors just won't quit, even though the couple were spotted together looking happy as could be.


Since the moment Dornan appeared in Fifty Shades of Grey and played the most convincing lover Dakota Johnson's Anastasia Steele has ever had, folks have been wondering how in the world his wife Amelia could stand to see her man having hot, fake sex on screen (as if he's the first or last happily married actor who will ever do so).

The couple, who have a daughter named Dulcie, never gave the public a solid reason to believe they are splitting up, but divorce rumors have plagued them for a few years now — there was even talk at one point of Amelia disapproving of Fifty Shades Darker and being the reason why the film production has been delayed. Talk about silly.

Jamie and Amelia were spotted together on a stroll in London on Tuesday — arm in arm and looking very happy. There's a rumor, which hasn't been confirmed, that Amelia is even pregnant with baby #2. And, of course, has the world forgotten that Jamie raves about his wife whenever possible and went on the record as saying he loves her more now than ever before?

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So, why is the world intent on making them break up? We should support strong couples and be happy for them, instead of constantly searching for reasons why they don't belong together. If the only justification we have for why they aren't reportedly getting along is that Amelia can't stand the Fifty Shades films, that's one seriously lame excuse. I'm pretty sure the brunette beauty, who knows a thing or two about acting, is appreciative that her husband is making a killing playing Christian Grey — money they can bank for Dulcie and any other little ones who may come along in the future.

A Dakota kiss and simulated sex, performed in front of a slew of professionals, is a foolish reason to suspect Jamie and Amelia aren't going to stand the test of time.


Image via Nate Beckett/Splash News

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