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10 Disturbing Kids' Movies That Gave Us the Creeps (PHOTOS)

 Elephants tripping on acid. Dogs who go to hell. Witches who murder children by turning them into mice, then stomping them to death. These aren't the typical family-film story lines, but that didn't stop movie studios from marketing these next 10 films that way.

Click through for a look at 10 creepy and disturbing films that masquerade themselves as lighthearted children's fare. Would you let your children watch? 


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1All Dogs Go to Heaven (1989)

From the title, you'd guess that this would be an adorable kids' flick about dogs going to heaven, but this dark and somewhat disturbing movie is about a dog, Charlie, who drinks and gambles, then gets murdered, ending up in hell, which is depicted in the movie as a place with every kind of flesh-eating monster and fire pit you could imagine. And while Charlie does redeem himself in the end, it's not exactly a heartwarming tale.

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2The Witches (1990)

In the 1990 movie, a perfectly cast Anjelica Huston plays the head of an organization of witches whose goal is to murder all of the children in England by turning them into mice and stomping them to death with their heels. Add in some shaky camera movies and special effects makeup, and The Witches is the stuff of nightmares.

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3Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)

The only thing creepier than an adult man with a candy obsession is one who who creates a candyland of horrors that subsequently kills or maims nearly every child who visits. 

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4Labyrinth (1986)

Some people think the movie is an allegory for date rape, but at the very least, Labyrinth is a dark, creepy movie with sexual undertones. A Spandex-wearing David Bowie seriously stalks a teenage girl and holds her baby brother hostage — yikes!

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5Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988)

Despite its PG rating, there is a lot of violence and sexuality in Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Toward the end of the movie, Christopher Lloyd's character dies after being run over by a steamroller, then transforms into a cartoon with dagger eyes and a high-pitched manic voice, giving the film its creepiness factor.

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6Dumbo (1941)

A scene where an elephant gets drunk and has what seems like an acid trip hallucination featuring scary pink elephants doesn't really belong in a children's movie, in our opinion.

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7The Polar Express (2004)

It's not the story, but the way the movie was animated that gives us chills when we watch The Polar Express. The film's animation was created by sensors placed on the bodies of real actors, but since the sensors could not be placed inside actors' eyes, all of the characters in the film have cold, dead, computer-generated peepers, which makes the movie seem like a remake of The Children of the Corn, according to one review.

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9Return to Oz (1985)

Among the many creepy moments in Return to Oz, the 1985 sequel to The Wizard of Oz, the most unsettling is when Dorothy encounters the "Wheelers," a group of cackling, masked henchmen who roll around with wheels on both their hands and feet and threaten to tear Dorothy "to pieces" if they capture her.

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10Fantasia (1940)

Satan worship isn't something you would typically expect to see in a children's movie, let alone in a Disney flick, but that's exactly what you'll find at the end of Fantasia. The film lacks a traditional plot and is instead a series of eight classical musical segments starring Mickey Mouse. The last sequence features a terrifying yellow-eyed Satan and his animal worshipers dancing around the fiery flames of hell.

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