Jamie Dornan's 'Gogglebox' Appearance Makes Him Sexier Than Christian Grey (VIDEO)

jamie dornan goggleboxThe thickness of his accent was only one of the things that made fans excited when Jamie Dornan appeared on Britain's Gogglebox, which raised money for Stand Up to Cancer. It was also the way he said "wet" and drank beer and lounged around on a couch in a white T-shirt. I wanted to jump through the telly and put myself right there next to him, knocking Nick Frost out of the way.


Swoon -- beers with Jamie Dornan ... pass me the popcorn. Or the pizza.

Check out this snippet.

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My word, that is a very thick, thick accent. He seems so ... manly. So ... sexy. So ... slightly drunk. I want to snuggle up next to him, take a sip of his beer, put my hand on his thigh.

You know you want to as well. Kiss him, he's Irish.

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This is not Christian Grey -- this is Dornan, in all his 33 years, being himself. I didn't think about Fifty Shades once while watching him. And that's what makes this so magical. He has this ability to transform us, to take us to Grey-land and also to the realm of Dornan. We get all of Jamie here -- the actor, the man, he who has become like legend.

Okay, I've gone too far. But let's be real here. He's a regular guy -- someone who eats pizza, laughs at silly jokes, and makes hand gestures that are such a turn-on. Plus, did you hear the way he said "wet" and the way his lips looked when he said it?! My fantasies are getting the best of me, but I am not alone. Dornan's appearance on Gogglebox has certainly seduced many. I like watching Jamie as Jamie -- more of this, please ... can we get this in his contract?


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