Dakota Johnson & Matthew Hitt Look Pretty Cozy Together for an Estranged Couple (PHOTO)

Can we all agree that if you get caught holding hands a second time, even though you claim you're single, you may be a little more than single? Things are still complicated between Dakota Johnson and maybe ex-boyfriend Matthew Hitt, who were caught cozying up together again in New York City.


The 25-year-old actress -- who is on a mini break from now until the new year, when she and Jamie Dornan are expected to get back into their characters and film Fifty Shades Darker -- seems to favor the Big Apple, where she has an apartment and is often spotted walking around and taking in the city — and a lot of times she does so with her on-and-off-again partner Matthew.

Although she is notoriously private about her love life, and the last time she spoke about it she claimed she wasn't dating anyone, these photos don't lie. Here's Dakota, dressed in the cutest mini skirt and patterned tights, walking very closely with her musician friend:

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And, here they are actually holding hands and making skin-to-skin contact.

Just because she makes films that everyone wants to see doesn't mean Dakota owes fans details about every single part of her life. Matthew is obviously special to her, but that doesn't mean they're going to get married tomorrow. Maybe they're just taking it easy and enjoying this time they have together before her schedule becomes insane again.

Not everyone feels the need to define a relationship according to everyone else's standards. Perhaps these two are realistic about how much they can honestly give to each other when she is expected to spend many months shooting and then promoting Fifty Shades Darker and then Fifty Shades Freed. If they are both in agreement that they can make things work on their own terms, then more power to them.

Of course, there's also the possibility that they consider themselves very much attached, but don't feel compelled to make a big production out of it. I respect Dakota for keeping her private life to herself — there isn't much else she can call her own these days (certainly not her time). She should enjoy every minute she gets to spend with Matthew — whether they're truly "together" or not.


Image via Xactpix/Splash News

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