'Fifty Shades of Grey' Has Ruined the Hopes & Dreams of 'Twilight' Fans

christian greyStartling news on the Twilight front and it is going to have die-hard fans of Edward and Bella up against the Fifty Shades of Grey devoted. It's a complicated situation involving these two love stories, but what is known is that Stephenie Meyer's Twilight spin-off fans that have been begging for -- Midnight Sun -- is shelved forever thanks to Grey, the latest book by Fifty Shades of Grey author EL James.


Let the battle begin ... or really continue.

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EL James wrote Fifty Shades after being inspired by Twilight. Ana was her Bella; Christian was her Edward -- it was fan fiction that exploded into a trilogy and then Grey, the book written from Christian's perspective. Midnight Sun was written from Edward's perspective ... way before Grey was penned.

What a tangled web we have here.

Sure one is about vampires and werewolves and the other is about whips and hardware store rope, but at the core is a love story that has escalated to cult status -- for both. If there are Twilight-only fans, I think right now they are howling at the moon at all things EL James.

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Stephenie Meyer didn't mince words when talking about it. The whole Midnight Sun situation first came to light when her unfinished manuscript was somehow leaked online. She wasn't happy anyone read it -- it wasn't finished. But she then published more chapters and told fans that it will probably remain incomplete. It was enough to keep the rabid Twi-hards happy and yet hopeful. Next, Meyer completed Life and Death, where she changed Bella to Beau and Edward to Edythe, swapping their roles. Knowing fans wanted Midnight Sun, she thought about then returning to that manuscript ... and decided to go for it -- Midnight Sun was going to be completed. And then ....

Grey appeared. The book written in the words and mind of Christian. Just like Midnight Sun was written in the words and mind of Edward. Meyer saw this as the last and final sign that Midnight Sun is dead. It's a stake in the heart for Twilight fans. If I were Christian Grey, I'd watch my back.

I can't help but feel there is room for both. Who cares about the parallels.


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