'Room' Trailer Is Finally Here & It Will Tear Your Heart Out (VIDEO)

We hear tales of women in captivity all too often, many of whom have had children via their captors and abusers. But what would it be like to live that horrific life, and what would it be like to grow up as a child in a windowless cell? The theme of a mother's unconditional love in such circumstances is explored in depth in the upcoming movie Room, based on the novel of the same name.


I read this book by Emma Donoghue a few years ago, and it's one that has stuck with me like I read it yesterday. The entire first half of the story is told from 5-year-old Jack's perspective, the little boy who was born to a woman who had been kidnapped at 17 and held as a prisoner ever since.

His entire world is Room. He sleeps in Bed, and hides in Wardrobe when the man comes to spend time with his mom. Jack is afraid of the man, but he doesn't understand that his mother is being raped. According to a review in the Wall Street Journal, the movie will remain true to Jack's perspective in this aspect, and while adults will understand what's going on outside of Wardrobe, it's made clear that Jack does not.

The entire movie isn't about being trapped though -- it's also about what happens once Ma and Jack are eventually rescued. Take a look at the preview and see how actress Brie Larson brilliantly mothers her son both in and out of Room.

Motherhood is a powerful thing -- it's enough to get us through the darkest of days and the worst of abuse if it means keeping our kids safe. It even means pushing them out of harm's way, even if you have no idea what other obstacles they may face. Ma took a chance at letting Jack go when she figured out a plan to potentially rescue them both.

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And then when they make it out, it's a whole huge world for both of them, but Jack in particular. They are both terribly traumatized, but they have each other.

The story may be a thriller, but it's also about the incredible bonds that hold us together when all else seems lost. I hope that the movie remains true to that theme.

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