Jamie Dornan Ups His Charity Game Yet Again Making Us Weak in the Knees

jamie dornanThe love and admiration for Jamie Dornan is as relentless as his Fifty Shades of Grey character's gray tie. (Oh to feel that gray tie ...) His latest act of greatness involves Jamie's hanging out with Boy George and Geri Halliwell (now Geri Horner) for an episode of the British show Gogglebox, and it's all to raise money for cancer research.


Oh my darling Dornan. Shall I compare thee to a summer's day?

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These kinds of TV shows tend to be a hoot -- plus, it's BOY GEORGE! And a Spice Girl! How cool is that? It makes sense that Jamie is a part of this whole thing because the character Jamie plays -- Mr. Christian Grey -- is Kinky Spice, the spice that would very much be approved by Boy and Geri, otherwise known as Ginger Spice.

The celeb special will air tomorrow and the money raised will go to Stand Up to Cancer. Jamie is in a segment with actor Nick Frost -- they are sitting down on the sofa, watching TV, and drinking beers together. We get to see what happens next.

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I'll tell you what happens next: We fall in love with Dornan even more. This guy ... he's in love with his wife, loves his baby girl, loves all over Dakota Johnson in Fifty Shades, and loves to be charitable ... it's love love love with him. And while the character he plays isn't easy on the flogging, Jamie is really easy on the eyes. Fifty Shades of Wonderful.


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