Jamie Dornan Is So Hot He Even Turns Us On When He's Playing Golf (VIDEO)

He can act, he can make millions of women rethink S&M, and now, we've learned, Jamie Dornan can play a mean game of golf. The Fifty Shades of Grey star scored big in a celebrity tournament in Scotland, proving he has talents beyond any we could have imagined.


I should confess that my golf knowledge is limited to knowing that one uses a club to sink a ball into a small hole -- pathetic at best. But Jamie's moves at legendary St. Andrews while participating in the celebrity pro-am of the European Tour's Alfred Dunhill Links Championship on Thursday impressed a whole slew of people who actually do know their stuff.

All you really have to do is check out this video of Jamie, who eagled the par-4 18th hole on the Old Course at St. Andrews, to understand that the man has quite a swing:

And there you have it, folks: There is absolutely nothing Jamie can't do. Take on characters as disparate as Christian Grey and Anthropoid's war hero Jan Kubis? Check. Make wife Amelia Warner feel like she's the only woman on the planet for him, despite his probably being inundated with marriage proposals from strange women every second of the day? No problem. Awesome dad? You betcha.

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The most intriguing celebrities are those who remain just private enough to allow you to discover, little by little, awesome things about them. This has proven to be the case for Jamie, who chooses to live a quiet life in England rather than reside in Los Angeles, where he'd be flanked by paparazzi every second of the day. As a result, he's just mysterious enough -- so finding out he's secretly a golf pro makes him 100 times more swoon-worthy.

What else are we going to discover about Jamie? I can't wait to find out!


Image via Keene/Splash News

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