Jamie Dornan's Exit From 'Burnt' Had Nothing to Do With Christian Grey

When word got out that Jamie Dornan's Burnt film scenes had been cut, rumor mongers were quick to point their fingers at his association with Fifty Shades of Grey. But the movie's director, John Wells, is putting those stories to rest.


Burnt, which stars Bradley Cooper and Sienna Miller, revolves around the story of acclaimed chef Adam Jones whose diva tendencies get him ousted from the elite culinary circle he thought he ruled. Jamie's role was a small one, but something his army of fans were really looking forward to.

John explained to Entertainment Weekly:

In the case of Burnt, Jamie's role was a small cameo that he was kind enough to do for us and was part of Sienna Miller's character's backstory. We ultimately decided to focus on Adam Jones's redemption story.

Huh. Guess that means it had nothing to do with the fact that Jamie is so strongly associated with the character Christian Grey. Sure, that's kind of what we assumed, but it sounds way more official coming from the director's mouth than ours.

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It's true that Jamie may find it hard not to get typecast because he is involved with a franchise that has such a strong fan base. Plenty of people want him to actually be Christian, like in real life, but we're fairly certain he has the acting chops to prove 'em all wrong. In the end, he'll come out ahead in his career.

Dakota Johnson, on the other hand, appears to be having a bit of an easier time snagging a wide variety of parts, especially considering she's currently promoting the super-buzzed-about Black Mass. But we're sure Jamie and his team have a game plan in place to ensure he's not pigeonholed in the Fifty Shades world forever.

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