'Fifty Shades' Producer Ruins Our Hopes of Henry Cavill Landing the Part of Jack Hyde

It's not officially over until casting for Fifty Shades Darker has been finalized, but there's one actor fans should stop holding out hope to see. A producer for the sequel pretty much confirmed that Henry Cavill will not play Jack Hyde — the dream may really be over, guys.



After months of speculation over who will play crucial roles like Jack, Mrs. Robinson, and Leila Williams, a producer from Fifty Shades Darker finally let us in on why casting news has been trickling in in little drips (and barely). They reportedly have yet to hire a casting director, despite plans to begin shooting in the new year. But Producer Dana Brunetti went even further with details — by finally squashing the rumors that British heartthrob Cavill will play Christian Grey's rival.

In an interview with E! News, Brunetti called rumors like the one about Cavill "insane."

"Somebody posts something on some obscure blog and then it gets picked up by something a little less obscure and it keeps going," he reportedly said. "Fans are starting the news by saying things like [the Cavill casting]."

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Cavill, who had a little bit of fun with the rumor and didn't try to dispel the gossip at first, admitted he was just joking and that he decided to have a little fun with everyone after realizing people were going to talk, not matter what.

In truth, it seems far more likely that Ian Somerhalder or an actor who is much less famous will take on the role. Readers have great expectation of Jack, who is manipulative, controlling, and somewhat psychotic, but also pretty darn sexy (of course). It might be difficult to convince an audience to accept a well-known actor in the role — particulary one like Ian, who is pretty darn likeable at the end of the day.

At any rate, it sounds like we really need to move on and accept that Cavill will not be joining Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan, and the rest of the case. That is, unless the producer is just trying to throw us off the track (in other words: Cavill forever).


Image via S Fernandez/Splash News

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