20 Hollywood Stars Who Were Cut From Movies at the Last Minute (PHOTOS)

Remember the handsome young principal scolding Elliott for freeing the frogs in E.T.? Or the total jerk Kristen Wiig’s character dated in Bridesmaids before she met the one? How about Brad Pitt’s Bond-like lady boss in Mr. and Mrs. Smith? Nope, you don’t — unless you’ve happened upon a DVD or editor’s cut showing deleted scenes and characters.


Long running times, roles that don’t advance a plot, and, in one star’s case, being too famous are all to blame when stars are cut from movies at the last minute. Even amazing performances can end up on the cutting room floor. Sometimes when a producer yells cut, he or she really means it. Find out which 20 celebrities were cut from movies at the last minute.


Image via © Luke MacGregor/Reuters/Corbis