Dakota Johnson Is Single but She Still Can't Seem to Quit Matthew Hitt

I think we may just have to all agree to not try to define this relationship anymore. After declaring herself single and ready to mingle, Dakota Johnson was seen out and about with Matthew Hitt, and the two were looking rather cozy together. 


The couple first became an item in July 2014. They split up over the holidays, possibly because her role as Anastasia Steele in Fifty Shades of Grey brought with it a lot of attention and publicity that he was maybe unwilling to handle. They then seemed to be hooking up once again in the summer, but Dakota slammed rumors that she was involved in a relationship when she recently appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and claimed she was single.

Dakota told Ellen guys seem to be "running for the hills" when they see her, most likely because her fame scares the daylights out of them. But her version of reality doesn't explain why the 25-year-old and her 28-year-old musician ex-boyfriend were spotted this week in New York City, walking with his arm over her shoulder.

Yep, that's definitely Hitt's arm and that's Dakota's finger allowing itself to be held by Hitt's hand. That is no optical illusion -- there is some kind of mutual affection happening in this photo, can't deny that.

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The question though is: How serious are they? Just because they're hanging out again and seem to be into one another doesn't necessarily mean they're dating. Everyone is eager to define relationships and get two people hitched and having babies ASAP. Dakota is still super young and has a lot of living to do. She is also probably well aware of the fact that Fifty Shades Darker is going to take up a lot of her time in the new year, not including the weeks she'll have to travel to promote the film.

A serious relationship may simply not be the smartest move for her right now. But that doesn't mean she and Hitt don't still enjoy each other's company. As long as they're both on board with the idea that they are going to hang out when they can and not expect much more from each other right now, there's no reason why they shouldn't walk hand in hand or look chummy together.


Images via XactpiX/Splash

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